Certified Nurse Aide Program

Our certified nurse aide training program prepares individuals with knowledge and skills required to gain entry level jobs in a interdisciplinary healthcare setting in the role of a nurse aide. It meets the training requirement for nurse aide certification in the State

of New Jersey; course material introduces students to regulation of the healthcare environment, professionalism, ethical conduct of behavior, communication, safety and emergency procedures, infection prevention and control.

Holistic care of the individual and family systems. It introduces the student to guidelines for care of clients with disease processes, rehabilitation and restorative care as well as basic nursing skills. Clinical externship include caring for clients in a healthcare setting under the supervision of the Registered Nurse.

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Admission Procedures

  1. Candidates must meet admission requirements
  2. Candidates must register within the time indicated by the school administration
  3. Candidates must register in person and are required to submit the following:
    • Personal Identification (Drivers License, Birth Certificate or Passport)
    • Proof of US citizenship or US Residency
    • Complete medical record
    • Administrative fees
  4. Documents submitted by the candidate must have been reviewed by the Admissions
  5. Prior to admission the applicant will complete an application to the school, visit the school and have an interview with an admissions officer
  6. Candidates will be notified of acceptance in writing

Certified Nurse Aide Training Program - Certificate Courses

Nurse Aide- 6 weeks

Eligible for State Certification with New Jersey Dept of Health; based on successful completion of the program.

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